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How to use IPV6 on SOAR


I'm having trouble to use any action with a IPV6 value, any action of any app that I try to use a IPV6 on it, they return me this error.

Nov 29, 09:25:17 : 'add_element_1' on asset 'akamai original': 1 action failed. (1)For Parameter: {"context":{"artifact_id":0,"guid":"857e066c-de68-4109-a58b-ee1e515b01dd","parent_action_run":[]},"elements":"2804:1b3:ac03:a6dd:d941:1714:85bb:8b4","networklistid":"7168_ORIGINALBLACKLIST"} Message: "Parameter 'elements' failed validation"
Nov 29, 09:25:17 : 'add_element_1' on asset 'akamai original' completed with status: 'failed'. Action Info: Size : 336 bytes : [{"app_name":"Akamai WAF","asset_name":"akamai original","param":{"context": {"guid": "857e066c-de68-4109-a58b-ee1e515b01dd", "artifact_id": 0, "parent_action_run": []}, "elements": "2804:1b3:ac03:a6dd:d941:1714:85bb:8b4", "networklistid": "7168_ORIGINALBLACKLIST"},"status":"failed","message":"Parameter 'elements' failed validation"}]
Always I receive a message "Parameter 'elements' failed validation", in that case is a app to add a IP on a Akamai network list.
If anyone is achieving use IPV6 I will be glad if you can share with me.


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