multiple LDAP strategy login use and precedence

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How do you specify the domain(ldap strategy) of the account you are logging into when you have mutliple LDAP strategies?

eg. you have 2 matching named accounts mappeed to roles as part of various groups in different domain/ldap strategies.


From the login prompt it will not let you use the Domain\account convention

You can login with

USERNAME: jbloggs1

but the follwing produces error:

USERNAME: LdapstrategyA\jbloggs1

What will happen when two LDAP starategies have a matchng username?
Does this use the Connection Order? if password fails for the first account it finds will it continue to the other ldap strategies to look for another account?

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From my experience, that is correct. It checks the first LDAP strategy and applies the roles defined in there and if the user fails the first one, it checks the second one.

You won't get both roles defined.

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