Why am I getting "No valid splunk role found in the local mapping or assertion." when local mapping exists?

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I am trying to set up SSO with Splunk. I configured IdP, configured Splunk (authentication.conf) and it almost goes through.

  • Splunk POST SAML request to IdP
  • IdP creates SAML assertions and sends it to Splunk

However, Splunk shows this error:

No valid splunk role found in the  local mapping or assertion.

My authentication.conf file contains this section (which I assume to be a map between a username and a role)

 [userToRoleMap_SAML] = admin;

And I see that in the assertion:

 <Subject><NameID Format="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress"></NameID>...

My question is: What am I missing? (I assumed that it should be enough for it to work)

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Which IdP are you using? Your IdP needs to include the role attribute in the assertion. The role attribute value must be in the format of "cn=myrole,dc=myfqdn,dc=com"

AFAIK, The userToRoleMap stanza is only used in place of Attribute Queries. For initial authentication your IdP still needs to pass the role attribute. Did you also set the skipAttributeQueryRequestForUsers option for authentication.conf?

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