When setting up load balancing, what directory do I place a new .html file on search heads?


Setting up load balancing (Netscaler) and being asked to set up a new HTML file to be used as a "health check" page. Netscaler logic will test this page every 5 seconds and expect an HTTP 200 response, otherwise, it would remove from the load balance pool.

What directory on the Splunk search head do I place this test.html file? Expecting I can use https://servername:8000/test.html somehow?

Thank You gurus!

Splunk Enterprise 7.2.3


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I found parts of the answer in several different posts and wanted to share to those who also want to display static content on any Splunk server.

Create an “app”:

Example html page:
Splunk static web page

Access page via web on:

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