Unknown splunk cloud role

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When I run a report of roles that have been modified in our splunk cloud instance I see these entries

Date         Time     user       action    info     role_name
04-06-20    16:50:18    _ops_admin  edit_user   granted _ops_admin
04-06-20    16:50:15    _ops_admin  edit_user   granted _ops_admin
04-06-20    16:49:52    _ops_admin  edit_user   granted _ops_admin
04-06-20    16:44:06    _ops_admin  edit_user   granted _ops_admin
04-06-20    16:44:03    _ops_admin  edit_user   granted _ops_admin

We dont have that user or role name defined in our instance. Anyone have an idea of what this is and if I should be concerned?

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Re: Unknown splunk cloud role


Values beginning with "_" are often reserved by Splunk. Perhaps this is a user/role Splunk uses to manage your Cloud instances.

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