Splunk power user exam


Hi guys,

I've just flunked the exam for the second time with the score of 73% :(.

I must admit some of the question are really tricky and not really the same as the ones in the Quiz provided in the course.

Appreciate if you guys can give some advice for the next exam.

It would be really helpful if you guys can share if there is any previous question that i can try to practice on.

Look forward to your respond and thanks in advance.

Now let me go and have some peaceful moment to reflect back on my exam sob sob

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Hi Rezdrake
I can understand you, the certification exam has been really difficult and harder than the final quiz.
Have you managed to find somthing useful for the exam preparation, other than the course material (in terms of module quiz or pdf documentation of the course)? Such as exam blueprint or the collection of quiz?
Thank you

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Thanks for the advise guys. Will try my best on the next Exam. wish me luck.

Appreciate your help .

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Doing additional practice of the search command (not just the one given in course material) would help understand the commands better and thus helping you with tricky questions. You got the course data with you so just play with it.

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I found lots of the answers straight in the provided pdf of the course. Search them when answering difficult questions...

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The exam questions are based on the course material. Answer the exam questions based on what was covered in course, not on your personal experience. There may be more than one "correct" answer to a question, but the one to select is the one given in class - even if you know a better answer from other sources.

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