Ooops Page not found when I login

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For some reason I cannot access Splunk home page when login. I have Googled to find answer on it, but so far without any success. I could of cource be a missing file/folder or wrong file permisssion/owner.

So I Wonder following:
Is it possible to run an Upgrade from 7.1 to 8.0. Hopefully the missing home page will be restored.
Or do someone seen it before. and can give me some hints

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check on the affected searchhead if following file exists:


If it doesn't exist copy the default.xml from another app into the directory and check if the problem still exists.

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What is the splunk setup you are using, cloud instance or standalone splunk enterprise?
I assume its standalon splunk enterprise instance. If so usually you can open the splunk login page @ http://localhost:8000/ if you are giving some other url , it may give this message. if not localhost you should give your server name or the ip address. if you have enabled ssl you may have to give https. Was it a new installation? or this started after you did some upgrade or something?


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