Is the Splunk 6.4 Administration Certification Test still available?

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I completed Splunk Power User Certification in March '16. In September, I attended the Splunk 6.4 Administration virtual class. Now I want to complete Splunk 6.4 Administration certification by clearing the online test. However, while visiting the site, I came to know that Splunk has come up with 2 separate courses for 6.5 (though old one for 6.4 is still available).

Now, I want to know whether the Splunk 6.4 Administration Online Test is still available and I can still sit for the same; otherwise my effort and time will go in vain.

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All exams are currently down this week for updates. They'll be available again on November 21st. You should email to request a new link to the exam.

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I believe that the current Administration Online Test is still available, as the new 6.5 classes are just released.

You should send a message to to confirm and to register for the exam.

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