Is it possible to give read only permissions to the Splunk app directory?

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Hi all,

I have developed a sample Splunk application. However, if I give it to anybody, then there is chance to modify js files and conf files by opening the app directory like (SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/sample_app). So, I would like to give a read only permission to the app directory structure. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.


use 'chmod' command linux to do it.
like this: chmod -R repertoire
in your case : chmod -R 444 SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/sample_app

this link can help you :

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thanks for replaying,but what I would like to do is give the read only permission to the my sample_app directory only that to at windows possible??

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I suggest the account running Splunk should have write access to all directories under SPLUNK_HOME.

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