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I'm new to creating self-signed SSL certificates. I've been following the Splunk documentation

I've created both the Root Cert and the Server Cert but as I approach the end of the documentation, I notice it is specified that the Server, Intermediate and Root Certs need to be appended to each other.

No where in the steps followed, was there any creation of an intermediate certificate and so I am unsure where to get this from / how to create one to complete the steps outlined in this documentation.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Often with self-signing certificates, people create a root CA and an intermediate CA (which is authenticated with their root CA). It is then this intermediate CA which is used to sign the server certificate. This makes it slightly easier if the intermediate CA needs to be recreated since you (hopefully) don't need to recreate the root CA and have to set up the trust chain from scratch. At least, that's my understanding.

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I believe certificate files can be concatenated.

cat server.pem intermediate.pem root.pem > merged.pem
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