For scheduled searches am I required to have the same auth on all servers?


With a distributed environment am I required to have the same authentication.conf and authorize.conf on search heads and indexers? I'm using both basic auth and LDAP.

I currently get errors like this ERROR UserManagerPro - Could not get info for non-existent user="<user>" and they seem to be related to scheduled searches. I'm guessing that that the knowledge bundle is getting sent from the search head with the configured search to the indexers. I do not have the same authentication.conf or authorize.conf on the indexers, is this why I am seeing this error?

And if the same config is necessary what if I wanted to prevent users besides admin from being able to log into the indexers?

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Hi @jmccallhbo,

If you are running search head cluster then same authentication.conf and authorize.conf is require on all search heads but not on Indexers.

When search head search the data from Indexers, search head will pass necessary authentication to Indexer in knowledge bundles, so indexer does not require same authentication.conf and authorize.conf as search head.


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