Error while Login to Splunk-URl through C# SDK

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When we try to make connection with the Splunk url (prod) for our application through method LogOnAsync (as mentioned below), then it fails with below error on a receive and hence refuses to connect.

Service to Connect: await service.LogOnAsync(SdkHelper.Splunk.Username, SdkHelper.Splunk.Password);
Error: `The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm`
If I input valid host name and port no as 8443 then it fails with above error.
If I input valid host name and port no as 8089 then it hangs out on method LogOn and doesnot execute forth.

Please note that I am passing scheme as https, host name as from the url for Splunk prod for our application, port no as mentioned above and username/password.
Could you please share a specific format for host or other input details. What are the possible reasons for this logging issue?

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