Disable "App not found"


I need to have strict access control to the apps we have written. If a user removes enough of the path to an existing app, or enters a bogus app url in the address bar, a web page will display saying that the app does not exist but here are the apps that do.

Having a user see and have access to this will be disasterous and will probably result in Splunk getting shut down. How do I prevent the "App not found" page from displaying? I would much prefer a simple 404 web page than giving the user options they are not authorized. Better yet, they should be redirected to the login page. This is a DoD site and needs to be secure.

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I found it in Splunk\share\splunk\search_mrsparkle\templates\view\404_app.html

I commented out the following code


<p>The app you requested is not available on this system. Check the spelling of the app, or choose another from the following list:</p>

<table style="width:45em">

% for a in apps:


        &lt;td class="k"&gt;&lt;a href="${make_url(['/app', a])}"&gt;${apps[a]['label'] | h}&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/td&gt;


            % if apps[a].get('description'):

                ${apps[a].get('description', '') | h}

            % else:

                ${_('(no description)') | h}

            % endif



% endfor



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