DMC protocol/port used to check indexers status?



Since we have moved our indexers cluster servers behind a firewall, the DMC is showing all indexers as "unreachable" in the "Overview" and "Instances" dashboards ...

But the "Indexer Clustering: Status" dashboard shows them all with Status "Up".

I guess this is due to missing opening a particular protocol/port on our indexer cluster firewall. Which rule shall we add?

To be complete Port TCP 8089 is already open in the index cluster firewall rules

Thanks for you help

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514 - network input port
8000 - web port (clients accessing the Splunk search page)
8080 - index replication port
8089 - management port (splunkd, aslo used by deployment server)
9997 - indexing port (web interface)
9998 - SSL port

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