Browser times out for, like, no reason


Hey folks,

I did a bit of searching on here, seems this was an issue with Splunk 4 running on ancient browsers a few years ago.

I'm running Splunk 6.0.1 on IE 8, and we use SSO with PKI.

At random, often times during a search or just doing rudimentary things within the UI, Splunk will kick me out to the login screen asking for username/pass. I'm not noticing a pattern really. It just happens.

Is there any way I can investigate why this is happening? Some logs or settings?

Thanks in advance

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The best solution is to use the "jobs" menu and send the search to the background which will detach it from the web session. It will give you the option to receive an email when the job completes.

But to answer your question directly, There is a timeout setting in server.conf that you can modify:

sessionTimeout = 24h

That will give a 1 day login session.

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