Allowed indexes for Inheritance role


When I configure an allowed index for a role, and I choose Inheritance for another role.
Users for this new roll dont got this config, i also noticed that the capabilities are zero for Inheritance, override the allowed index for the derived roll arent picked up as well.
How should this work? Will the allowed indexes from a role derived? and why cant i override this?
The only way to get this working is to make new roles from scratch!

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It seems that the settings for importRoles in authorize.conf are leading,,,so settings for a inheritance role arent picked up!

importRoles = power;user
srchIndexesAllowed = ;_
srchIndexesDefault = main;os
srchFilter = *
srchTimeWin = 0
srchDiskQuota = 10000
srchJobsQuota = 50
rtSrchJobsQuota = 100

so when i add a roll which is deriving from power and choose index=test as allowed i ended up with main;os

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