After mapping groups to roles configuring Splunk to allow LDAP authentication, why am I unable to log in with any of those users?

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I'm trying to configure Splunk to allow LDAP authentication. I select "Configure Splunk to use LDAP and map groups" and then complete the LDAP strategy. I then select Map groups and map roles to groups. I am currently using one group as a test that has two users in it. I can see all the groups and my target group. I select my target group and give them a role. For testing purposes, I gave them the power role. I saved, backed out, and checked the user section, but they were not there. I reloaded authentication configuration and they were still not there. When I attempt to login with one of those users I receive the following errors:

-0400 ERROR UserManagerPro - LDAP Login Failed, could not find a valid user="xxx" on any configured servers
-0400 ERROR AuthenticationManagerLDAP - Could not find user ="xxx" with strategy="LDAP"

Also watching TCPdump on the server I can see the traffic going to the LDAP server while attempting to log in.

In short, I mapped groups to roles, but I am unable to login with any of those users.

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The OU for the user base was changed to Domain Admins, and now it works.

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