Would we re-generate the scheduled "pdf delivery" ?

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Hi ,
I have a lot of dashboards and has scheduled it as "pdf delivery" for our audit purpose.
But sometimes , the pdf report is not correct because of data forwarding was broken, or our lookup files is not correct at that time...

So I needed to re-generate those pdf report for our auditor after I fixed the data problem.
( For example : Re-generate the daily access report ( each day ) for the last whole month .......... WoW . )

Is it possible to generate the pdf report by script and change the time range dynamically ?
So I can let my report re-generateing job more automatically and easily ..


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Many people do not know this but you can run searches from the CLI on the Search Head which means that you can easily write a script around it. You just do this:

$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk search "earliest=-10m latest=now index=_*"

When using the CLI, it helps to use the highlight command:

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have you checked out this answers? using the REST API might help

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