Why is appendcols no longer working in some scheduled searches in Splunk 6.2?

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After upgrade to splunk 6.2 some scheduled PDF are not working ... received the below error
Error in 'appendcols' command: You can only use appendcols after a reporting command (such as stats, chart, or timechart).
Here is my original search
eventtype="general_testcases" | timechart span=1mon dc(user) as "Total"
| appendcols maxtime=600 [search eventtype="test_case_1" | timechart span=1mon dc(user) as "Test1"]
| appendcols maxtime=600 [search eventtype="test_case_2" | timechart span=1mon dc(user) as "Test2"]

I don't know why it is not working anymore ... Please help ASAP

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk is currently aware of this error and its a known issue (SPL-93020), where the error appears to be coming from the AppendProcessor which is extracting it from the search.log. Currently there is no workaround, however the issue will be
addressed in an upcoming release.

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