Why does the appendpipe command work, but I get an error with append in multiple saved searches using the loadjob command?



I have a saved search which is working fine and gives fine results using |loadjob command.

However, when I use append command for the same saved search, I get an error.

Interestingly, when I use appendpipe command instead of append, it works fine.

Curious to know why append doesn't work and appendpipe does when working with multiple saved searches?

alt text

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Who is the owner of the search? Could you try to change the owner of the saved search to be 'nobody' (need to update local.meta file under the application search for this saved search.), run the search again and try the search.

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You actually are experiencing the same error it is just that appendpipe does not pass the error back to you (hides it) whereas append does indicate the error back to the user. IMHO, this is a bug in appendpipe and somebody (I vote for you) should open a support case.

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But appendpipe is giving the correct results (I appendpiped different savedsearches to validate).
I was thinking there is some issue with append instead. This is because I am not trying to do anything fancy. Just appending results of multiple savedsearches, which are working fine when run individually.

If my approach of appendpipe is not correct, what other command/way should I follow instead?


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