Why does Loadjob load oldest version of job instead of latest?



I have noticed issue that loadjob sometimes gets stale & loads oldest version of job instead of loading latest.

For small interval searches, it may not be a major issue. But is certainly very dubious when you have search spanning last 24 hours etc.

Splunk Enterprise Version: 7.1.1 & Build: 8f0ead9ec3db with SHC

Is this fixed in a newer version or has it been raised a a bug already?

This was an issue in past with version 6.4.4 & seems to have cropped up again!

Nothing here:


As a workaround I am using rest to load the most recent completed job

 | loadjob
[| rest splunk_server=local /servicesNS/nobody/cyberdyneApp/saved/searches/schedule_T101_deploy_past/history 
  |  search isDone=1 | sort - published | table title | head 1 | return $title] 


Thanks for the workaround @stanwin

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