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I need to run a scheduled search to export some logs every certain amount of time. The search I am using is this:

outputtext usexml=false | rename _xml as raw | fields raw | fields - _* | outputcsv results.txt

The problem is that each time the search runs, results.txt gets overridden. I would like to automatically append the time and date to the name of the file Eg. results_3-2-12_12-00.txt

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

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You can do this through some subsearch ugliness (or beauty, I guess it's in the eye of the beholder 🙂 )

Subsearches work much like backticks in most UNIX shells, i.e. they run first of all and then return their results back to the outer query. You can put a subsearch anywhere in your search pipeline, including after outputcsv. By default however, a subsearch returns a string that is formatted for being used by the search command. You can change this behaviour by calling format ( to make sure the formatting suits your purposes.

The idea here would be to create a dynamic value for the filename in the subsearch, then return that filename to outputcsv.

... | outputcsv [search * | head 1 | eval query="results_".strftime(now(),"%d_%m_%y_%H_%M_%S") | fields query | format "" "" "" "" "" ""]

I don't know your level of Splunk-foo so let me know if you want more explanation on the internal workings of the search. I used now() as a method for getting the date/time that shoul be used when naming the results file - you might want to use another time, but if the current time is OK, just use now().

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