Splunk loadjob showing results inconsistently on different nodes of a SHC


I am facing exact same issue as described at this forum post, however, in my case, the outcome of the same loadjob command is different on different search heads of the cluster.

For e.g I have a dashboard which is powered by searches which leverages | loadjob command to load results of a scheduled searches. If I access the dashboard on primary SH, it loads various panels except 2-3 panels. However, if I access the same dashboard from a different SH of the cluster, the same dashboard loads all the panels that didnt load on the primary SH but then has some panels that dont show data that were actually being loaded on the primary SH. E.g. if dashboard has 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 panels, panel 1-3 and 4-6 get loaded on the SH1 but 7-9 dont, however, on SH2, panel 1-3, 7-9,  get loaded but not 4-6.

When I click on inspect job on the loadjob command, it says, no matching fields found, whereas, the same search runs on another SH.

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