Splunk Java SDK is not working based on splunk role/index defined for the user


I am using Splunk Java SDK to fetch data from Splunk index.

I have the below in my splunk server.
User - Customer1User1
Role - customer1role (which have access to only customer1index)
Saved Search Name - test_savedsearch

I am connecting to splunk from the java application (using Splunk Java SDK) using below code snippet

    Service splunkService = Service.connect(loginArgs)

    //Get the earliest and latest time
SavedSearchDispatchArgs savedSearchDispatchArgs = getEarliestAndLatestTime();

SavedSearchCollection savedSearches = splunkService.getSavedSearches();
SavedSearch savedSearch = splunkService.getSavedSearches().get("test_savedsearch");
Job jobSavedSearch = savedSearch.dispatch(savedSearchDispatchArgs);
Map<String, Object> arguments = new HashMap<String, Object>();
arguments.put("count", 0);
InputStream resultsNormalSearch = jobSavedSearch.getResults(arguments);
ResultsReaderXml resultsReaderNormalSearch = new ResultsReaderXml(resultsNormalSearch);

//fetch data from resultsReaderNormalSearch

When I am trying to fetch data from test_savedsearch through java its returning 500 records.

'customer1_index' has 150 records only. Its fetching 150 records properly when I run the saved search in splunk.

Why its fetching all data through java application irrespective of roles/index defined to the user??

Please help to resolve this issue.

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Please add the lines of code where you actually start the search, fetch the results etc.

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updated my code. Please have a look.

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