Should an app with no UI elements still be visible in Manager?


Hi folks,

I'm creating a knowledge pack add-on that has no ui elements, so in app.conf I have:

is_visible = false 

However, I do want to create some saved searches and place them in that app's context. I'm not able to do this in the Manager because the app is not visible there. Is that intended behavior?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Yes, that is intended behaviour. The idea behind knowledge packs is that they are there to enhance/support larger app & suite solutions. They are not meant to be visible via the UI at any point, as that would just lead to confusion amongst users.

If you're still in the development phase of your pack, then you don't have to set this flag yet obviously.

You do bring up an interesting use-case however, and in a future version we may be able to add in different levels of visibility, so while there would no UI context for an app, you could still be able to add searches/tags/eventtypes to it via the UI as you describe.

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