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how do i send dynamic emails to different users using the rest-api command.

I have a built a dashboard where it shows points for the usage of apps per user .

I need to send out a notification as in email whenever the user reaches certain points . How can i acheive this in splunk where dynamic emails sent to different users only about the invidual user points

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To get dynamic email address and send mail you need to use subquery and and get the email id in subquery and return it as 'to' in the main query.
It will be more clear by below example,

index=_internal | head 10 | table _time, _raw
| sendemail [search index=emp_data empID=1234 | fields emp_email | rename emp_email as to] sendcsv=true subject="Test Mail"

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happy splunking...........!

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Hi @Nadhiyaa ,
came across this old post.
If your issue was resolved please accept to mark this question as answered and it will make it more useful for others facing similar issue.


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