Scheduled report sends email only by the first execution


Hello Folks,
i am facing following issue:
I created a search, which has to be executed every morning at 8:00 am (and look back at the previous 24 h.) and regardless of the events an email has to be send to the client.

To test the functionality i created a scheduled report, which has to send an email every 1 minute with the information about last 8 hours.

1)I get two emails instead of one per execution
2) These two emails are the only emails which i get from this scheduled report.
3) if I perform any changes on the report configurations, i immediately get two further emails but then nothing happens.

I checked index= _internal test_report status and the search was executed correctly and successfull according to the schedule

alt text

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have you tried sending it at a longer interval? say every 5 minutes? if one report is still running while the next one tries to run it can cause issues.

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