Saved searches trimming the "where wherethresh-comp<1000" modifier


I need a report to send out all values (there are more than the default limit of 10) as columns rather than having the lowest frequency columns consolidated together into the 'OTHER' column. In order to do so, I added 'where wherethresh-comp<1000' which when run directly ensures that the column data is preserved.

However, if the search is saved in a report, whenever the report is run it trims off the 'where' clause and the end result contains the 'OTHER' column.

How do I get around this bug?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If your where clause is used only to remove the use of the other grouping, you might try useother=f and/or limit=<number> to remove the other grouping.

For example:

... | timechart limit=0 useother=f x
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