Reports scheduled for PDF delivery are not getting delivered


We have dashboards defined using advanced XML that cannot be delivered via the "Schedule for PDF Delivery" option. We are running in distributed search mode with PDF server installed and operational on the search head, and we are configured to use a local SMTP server. We can tell PDF server is functioning by logging as the Splunk 'admin' user into the search and using the debug/pdf URL - the test document is definitely generated. The failure comes when scheduling reports for PDF delivery as users with roles that we have defined.

We have 4 additional roles defined, and the role we tested with has the following definition in authorize.conf

importRoles = power;user
srchIndexesAllowed = cdnmanager;summary
srchIndexesDefault = cdnmanager

As the final piece of our environment we are using ScriptedAuth to log in the users with this role. If I try to schedule the report as a user with this role, the following error is shown in the python.log file:

2011-03-08 22:40:06,904 ERROR An error occurred while generating a PDF of this report: Failed to contact appserver at HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

If I log directly into Splunk as the above user, and try the debug/pdf URL, then the python.log file shows that the X server was started, but the test document is not generated and the system eventually logs the exact same error as above. We need to understand why these non-admin roles are getting errors creating the PDF reports, especially if there are missing roles/privileges that are required to get this operational.

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Maybe one of these can help you:

If not, you probable going to compare the roles/capabilities between non-admin and admin user and try to figure out that way, which capability is needed for your action.

Quite possible one of this three capabilities is needed for your non-admin's: schedule_search, search, rtsearch

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The web_service.log should record the nature of the internal service error that you're seeing in python.log

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