Report failed schedule report


HI All,

how do we report failed scheduled report/search in splunk.. Please let me know your thoughts .

Sathish R

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Hi rsathish47,

check your Splunk logs like this:

index=_internal source="*scheduler.log"

this will bring up all information about the scheduled searches. You can find more information on other Splunk internal messages if you leave the source from the search.
You can find some pdf related messages in python.log for example and you can increase logging channels to get more detailed messages back

hope that helps ...

cheers, MuS


please provide more details, like do you want to search for searches that literally failed (the search itself?) or do you want to run a search that searches for events that contain the value failed ?

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Errors Like this
An error occurred while generating a PDF of this report
Some times we are not reciveing mail from scheduled search/report

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