Report email not delivered when adding domain to sender address

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I created a saved search and a trigger upon completion to send myself an email that links to the finished job. It works mostly as intended by default, but it directs to my junk folder because the sender is "splunk" with no This would just be a minor inconvenience if the report was just going to go to me, but we are planning on rolling it out to several users and want to fix this.

I initally tried going to the report Advanced Settings and changed the "" from just "splunk" to "".  At that point the emails stopped coming completely.

I checked the log at  splunk/var/log/splunk/python.log for errors, but the only ones I have encountered are due to size limits which were resolved by removing the inline table. I have also gone to Server settings » Email settings and changed the "Send emails as" also to add my company domain.

It appears the only emails that are coming through are the ones with the specific report "Advanced Settings" "" field set to just "splunk" without the domain, but they are still going to my junk folder and are unable to be marked as a safe sender because there is no domain on the address.

Could someone assist with troubleshooting this issue and how to add a domain to the sender address correctly?


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