PDF rendering sucks. Badly.



We're attempting to generate PDF reports from one of our dashboards. The dashboard is laid out like:

| Section 1 - double width |

| Section 2 || Section 3 |

| Section 4 || Section 5 |

| Section 6 - double width |

All of these charts get chopped off at the right-hand side, no matter what paper size and orientation we choose (although if we use A2 they all at least fit on the one page).

And the bottom graph never contains any data, although there's definitely data in the dashboard.

Now maybe we're doing something wrong, but judging from the amount of unanswered questions I've come across regarding PDF support in Splunk, I'm starting to think that it simply doesn't work very well.

Has anybody got any clues?



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Please see my answer to this for a workaround to part of your problem (the data getting cut off problem).

As for the data not showing up problem, there may be different timeout settings for different users and the pdf server itself, but we were not able to resolve this issue despite changing them...

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I have in certain cases used A0 before in order to fit all the panels in. It would depends on your actual usage for the PDF reports, but for my case it was actually for historical/archival purposes and at no times are we going to print a A0 page out.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Here's a link to a relatively new docs topic on troubleshooting PDF printing:

I don't think it will help you in this particular case, since you're already experimenting with page orientations. (BTW, did you really mean A2, not A4? Yikes!) But who knows, maybe you'll run into another issue that it can help with.

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