Navigation Menu: Why are saved searches are not opening in the customized view?

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According to the splunk documentation for navigation ( ) the default.xml file supports "view" attribute for "saved" tag. This should make the saved search open in a different view. I tried using it, but I can't seem to make it work (check the new view):

    <a href="search">Home</a>
  <collection label="General">
        <collection label="Reports">
                <saved source="unclassified" match="General" view="newview" />
                <view source="unclassified" match="General"/>

Am i missing something?


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Hi Dori,

Here is the mistake that you make:

The first option taht i propose to you is: If you want to use the option match in the tags saved and/or view, his value most be equal to one name of your saved searches that exists.

The second option is very easy: Just remove this match="General" in those tags.

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