Max time spent in per-result alerts issue


I'm running into an issue with a scheduled search not completing all of it's alert actions when it executes. The scheduled search has been set to run every minute and the warning will occur approximately every minute. We reduced the schedule to every 5 min and get the warning approximately every 5 minutes. This is the warning:

04-27-2018 10:40:25.092 -0400 WARN SavedSplunker - Reached maximum amount of time allowed to spend in per-result alerts for savedsearch_id="nobody;app;search", sid="scheduler__user_Y3liZXJdrchyZWF0__RMD512364230b266f208_at_1524839700_11453_84568E04-6E8F-4D6B-7HF0C-1CD3DC88879B", max_alerts_time=300 (seconds), fired_alerts=172

Regardless of the schedule the firedalerts typically falls in the 150-190 range. In alertactions.conf I did find the setting maxtime = 5m as a default. I changed that to maxtime = 10m. A btool shows that setting as applying but the warning still reflects a 300s time limit. Is there another setting to look at? I've dug through limits.conf, alertactions.conf, and savedsearches.conf and didn't see anything but perhaps I missed something.

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Re: Max time spent in per-result alerts issue


This allowed us to removed some caps in the limits.conf:

action_execution_threads = 10
actions_queue_size = 10000
max_per_result_alerts =10000
max_per_result_alerts_time = 600

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