How to set up Splunk to pick up IDAA reports?

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We are currently allowing splunk to pick up our IDAA reports from our shared drive, how do I setup our mainframe jobs to send the reports to directly to splunk instead?

Thank you!

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This is a good question for someone who knows
a) which mainframe you are referring to
b) so they can check if there's a Splunk UF for it (I really doubt it)
c) and what capabilities it has for networking if it doesn't have a UF

Let me ask in return - what's wrong with Splunk picking up the files from the shared drive? Is there a problem with this situation, or are you just trying to "make it better?"

And lastly, there ARE a few people who've done mainframe stuff with Splunk, so if you could perhaps provide a little more information maybe they'll be able to help ... (now that I've also bumped this thread for you 🙂 )

Anyway, hope you find your answer!
Happy Splunking,

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