How to include searched date or time range in alert report


When I perform a scheduled search (or realtime search) that triggers an alert, how can I include the effective search range (dates/times) in the alert email?

For example: "Splunk Alert: Widgets sold between 10/25 08:00:00 and 10/25 18:00:00", where the search range was 8 am through 6 pm today?

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At the end of the search, you could do this:

... | addinfo 
| eval searchStartTime=strftime(info_min_time,"%x %X") 
| eval searchEndTime=strftime(info_max_time,"%x %X")

Now the search range will be part of your search results. This is a simple thing to do.

If you really want to change the format of the alert email, take a look at this answer:

How do I customize schedule search alert emails

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