How to export logs from Splunk with host, source and sourcetype fields


Hello. I have a questions.

How to export logs from Splunk Enterprise with "host", "source" and "sourcetype" fields ?
And how to import these logs into other Splunk Enterprise instance correctly ?

I'm trying to export Windows logs from my current Splunk instance and save it for future usage or upload into other Splunk.
Using "Export" button i can only export raw logs without necessary for me fields("host", "source" and "sourcetype")

Good example is ButterCup Games training logs in Splunk documentation. I need to get something like this.


How to export logs from Splunk Enterprise with "host", "source" and "sourcetype" fields ?

<yoursearch> |  table host, source, sourcetype, _raw

Once results are displayed click export to download logs.

How to upload into other Splunk.? (I use CLI command)

splunk add monitor c:\xxxx.log -index yourindexname -source yoursourcename -sourcetype yoursourcetypename -hostname yourhostname
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What format should i use ?
Export as raw data is not supported

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