How to Generate a report - 1 field in index against multiple csv lookup fields



I require a report that can search a csv with multiple fields, against 1 field in  an index. 

The csv contains host data(ip, host, fqdn) in seprate columns. 

The index contains mixed data in the 'host' field. The host field contains ip, host and fqdn values) 

The report needs to generate a list of hosts (from the csv) that have NO EVENTS  logged. 

example csv contents (hosts.csv): 



example index events: 

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Path Finder

Try this, Maybe little expensive but should work on a small data set

 | inputlookup yourlookup
 | eval host=mvappend(ip_address,host_name,fqdn)
 | mvexpand host
 | fields host
 | search NOT [ index=<your index> |stats count by host|search count>0|fields host]

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