How do we prevent the report name of our emailed PDF from being truncated?



We tried generating the search report and email it as a PDF, but the report name is getting truncated.


Search name:SplunkReporthourlysplunkofferincident management reportmonthly service review
This was our search name. This report will be emailed as PDF, but it's coming in with the name below:


We want the same search name for our pdf.

Please help us here.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There are character limits on various object names that may or may not differ between versions of Splunk. For example, in 6.3 the name of a report is limited to 100 characters maximum. Thus I imagine what you are experiencing is a character limitation within the software for the file name of the attached PDF file sent within the e-mail. In your case, 62 characters are consumed before the .pdf extension with 11 characters consumed by the date (-2016-02-09).

All this said, I am checking to see if there is a published set of name character limits for Splunk.

Naming schemes are arbitrary, but this URL shows a recommended scheme for naming knowledge objects in Splunk:

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