How do i set savedsearchs limit.conf in 8 core server?


hello splunker.

i have about 50 savedsearchs for only 1 summary index.

It starts at half an hour intervals and saevedsearchs have many subsearch. ( command : map, foreach, streamstats etc..)

I use server which have 8 core and 62GB RAM

How do i set limits.conf?

base_max_search = ??
max_searches_per_cpu = ??

max_searches_perc = ??

Please recommend other options.

Thank you ! Please help me. xD

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first and foremost, your server doesnt meet minimum requirements as described in hardware reference.
second, why not spread your searches across the clock? for example, instead of running your searches on minute 30 and 60 / 0
run them on minute 1,2,3,4 ... 31,32,33,34 ...
then use the earliest and latest attributes to align the data

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how do you think 8 core server limit.conf setting.

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