How do I make a monthly report which displays a difference in a time range from a certain date until now?



I want to send a monthly report basically saying how many months until a date hits.

some meta code, looking for this

| eval timeinmonthsmonths = "1/1/2020" - now()


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Splunk Employee

hi @daniel333,

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Path Finder

Something like the following may work for you:

<base search>
| eval end_time=strptime("1/1/2020", "%m/%d/%Y")
| eval time_in_days = round((end_time - now()) / 86400, 2)
| table time_in_days

time_in_months can be a little bit harder because of the variable length of days per month.


Hi @daniel333,
Can you try this query?
| makeresults | eval date="2018-12-07" | eval timeinmonthsmonths = ceiling((strptime(date, "%Y-%m-%d") - now())/(3600*24*30.41))
You can remove ceiling command if you want months in floating point.

Hope this helps!!!

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