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I have created a dashboard and by default it supports export to PDF, but I am unable to save that PDF either via the save icon or by right clicking and saving as.

I'm using SPUNK 6.2.2 and Chrome Version 40.0.2214.115 m

Is this a known issue?

I can see this same question was asked (, but as that was never answered I've raised a new question.

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This appears to be a chrome issue.

After clicking on the export to PDF icon in splunk, SPLUNK will open new window and display the render page. Instead of clicking on the save icon, click on the print icon and save as PDF, the other option is to disable chrome PDF viewer. By disabling the chrome PDF viewer, you'll force all PDFs to be downloaded instead of viewing them within a browser.

To disable the Chrome PDF viewer :

  1. Type "about:plugins" in the address bar (without the quotes)
  2. Hit enter
  3. Click on details (near the top right)
  4. Disable "Chrome PDF Viewer" and enable the Adobe one


The method to disable Chrome PDF viewer has changed, now it is:
- Go to chrome://settings/content
- Scroll down to PDF Documents > Enable "Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application"
- Click "Finished" to save


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