Does anyone know a way to modify the email content of a scheduled pdf dashboard


When you schedule a dashboard to be emailed as a PDF, you can:
- modify the message of the email in the PDF schedule;
- modify the footer in the email settings;
BUT I found no way to remove the hardcoded "View dashboard" hyperlink that appears between these two.

The issue is that only dashboards can be scheduled as PDF and not forms. We want to send the reports as a sort of summary but direct the users to a richer UI in a form or a pivot, not a dashboard that provide only the data they were sent in the first instance. Why is this link harcoded? Didn't not manage to find which python template or other I needed to hack (but, really, I should not have to).

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Had encountered this problem too.

Tried the following in alerts.actions.conf but to no avail
include.results_link = 0
include.view_link = 0

Same results in savedsearches.conf = 0 = 0

Had to resort to changing $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/search/bin/
Comment out the line that calls "htmlMedaDataViewTemplate()"

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