Data Model: If I have a 2 columns in a pivot with numeric values, is it possible to create a 3rd column with a ratio of those values?

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In the pivot, I have two columns with numeric values. I would like to create third column with ratio of those two compute columns.

Is it possible? I do not want to add to the search in the data model because then I cannot use other attributes.


Data Column1 Column2 Column3
01-01-2015 100 200 0.5
02-02- 2015 200 100 2


Add a calculated field using eval expression to your data model.

App-> pivot->choose datamodel-> Edit->disable acceleration(if enabled) -> Edit --> Add attribute --> Choose Eval ( enter below eval condition & Preview, submit)

eval Column3=Cloumn2/Column1

And also you can find more information for adding calculated fields here.

Calculated Fields
Defining calculated fields

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This will not work because Column 1 and Column2 are created in Pivot as Column Volume (they do not exist in the objects)
Basically they are aggregated values created in Pivot editor

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OK try to open the search and apply the eval on the search and you can save it as report/Dashboard.

AFAIK calculation on the pivot editor not possible, never tried let me check it out.

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in search I can not add this because calculated fields do not exist. They are computed in the Pivot

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