Dashboard Tokens and PDF Delivery help


I'm utilizing tokens on my dashboard to dynamicly generate date ranges for the header. This involved adding a panel that uses html.

It works fine to run the tokens in the header of the dashboard but the tokens don't run when the dashboard is scheduled to delivery pdf

<div id="custom_header">
<div id="custom_header_title"><h1>weekly report for analyst for week $earliest_time$ through $latest_time$</h1></div>

when the report is emailed via PDF it actually shows $earliest_time$ through $latest_time$ (ignores running the tokens)... Vs the dashboard that actually runs the tokens and showing the relative dates

I believe this maybe a limitation in splunk looking at the doc but ask for someone confirm? And if there work around?

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Correct re the limitation to my understanding unfortunately.  See an older related thread.

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