Can we send report emails from multiple email accounts?

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I need to send reports to clients generated in splunk. The issue at hand is that I have to send the email from different email addresses. a unique email address for each project or client.

Thanks in advance.

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sendemail to= [from=] [cc=]
[bcc=] [format= (html|raw|text|csv)] [inline= (true|false)]
[sendresults=(true|false)] [sendpdf=(true|false)] [priority= (highest|
high|normal|low|lowest)] [server=] [width_sort_columns=
(true|false)] [graceful=(true|false)] [sendresults=]

Syntax: from=
Description: Email address from line. Defaults to

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This worked for me..Is there a way to change the signature also?

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You can updated savedsearches.conf (where
entry for these scheduled reports are
present) to add multiple email addresses
(comma separated).
See this
Splunk/6.0.2/Report/Schedulereports =

The email address that is used as the sender's address.
Default is splunk@$LOCALHOST (or whatever is set for from in
alert_actions.conf ).

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