CSV generated from report via Trigger Action inserting alternating blank rows?

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Hi All, 

I'm experiencing a funny issue with a Report I've setup within the "Search" module of Splunk.  The report is  generating a straight-forward table, example below:


I've it configured for the search runs once per day, with a trigger action to send an email with the search results in a .csv file.  I've had this alert up and running for months without issue, however in recent days when I open the attached .CSV file for this daily email, there are alternative blank rows being included in the CSV file:


If I run this search and download the .csv manually, the report doesn't have any alternating blank rows included in the report.  Similarly, if I update this daily report to instead attach a PDF of the search results, the PDF does not include any alternating blank rows.  So, I think the issue lies with something to do with the Trigger Action 'send email' however I can't seem to figure out what's causing this. 

Is anyone aware of this being a known issue, or is there somewhere obvious that I'm overlooking here? 


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