Accelerated data model and _indextime field


We have an accelerated data model and would like to be able to use a where clause from TSTATS that includes:

_index_earliest=-h@h AND _index_latest=@h

_indextime does seem to be a field that is available in the DMA. But trying to use the where clause above does not work.

We want to generate TSTATS values for events that have been indexed in the previous hour.

Here is the full SPL:
| tstats
min(_time) as _time
sum(nmds_app_dest_survey.bytes) as bytes
sum(nmds_app_dest_survey.flow_count) as flow_count
FROM datamodel=nmdm_app_dest_survey
WHERE _index_earliest=-h@h AND _index_latest=@h
BY nmds_app_dest_survey.dest_and_port

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

At this time _indextime fields are not included in the datamodel accelerations. I imagine this is due to optimization with regards to both disk space and memory usage during the acceleration process.

If you are interested in having a field that tracks the time the accelerated event gets written to disk, then I encourage you to submit the idea to the ideas portal at

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Why don't you add a new field to your datamodel and assign it the _indextime value ?

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if you switch this to |tstats _index_earliest=-h@h AND _index_latest=@h
and remove the where condition, does it work?

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No. That does not work either.
Error in 'stats' command: The argument '_index_earliest=-h@h' is invalid.

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New Member

@simpkins1958 did you ever get this to work? I am currently running into the same problem.

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