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Where did the RSS feed for Splunk blogs go?


Please please please bring it back & simplify the blog format.

It just needs to be simple, we already have enough complexity to deal with, don't hide the posts under layers of pretty UI - just let it be easily accessible & consumable.

I look at blogs once in about 2 weeks to catch up & the new format, makes that difficult.

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Are there feeds for the individual categories? That would be even cooler! 🙂

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This is the answer we needed!

Surprised it is not linked directly from their main page...

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The youtube channel is empty, otherwise there would have been a workaround as you can subscribe to YouTube channels via rss... I won't have a look at splunk blogs any longer until this is fixed, sorry for you.

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This has been broken for a while. I think either @easy or @ppablo owns this question...

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