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Splunk Assist: Making It Even Easier to Activate

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

We’re excited to introduce a new release of Splunk Assist! This release will streamline the activation flow. While we still require users to enable Assist (opt-in) explicitly, they will not have to go through a complex set of steps. For example, with the new release, customers will no longer have to log into a separate portal and download an activation code - they can push a button and start seeing the benefits!

If you missed the buzz about Splunk Assist we’ll fill you in: Splunk Assist is a cloud-connected service for Splunk® Enterprise that puts your telemetry data to work. Assist provides you with a single place to monitor your deployment and see recommendations to improve your security posture.

The primary objective of Assist is to keep your deployment secure and in prime condition. Assist does this by providing the following:

  • Active monitoring: No need to hunt for critical security gaps
  • Actionable insights: No need to look for docs and tutorials to fix issues as you go
  • Powered by the cloud: Continuous improvements at your doorstep mean no need to keep up with version upgrades and security patch upgrades
  • Security first mindset: Data isolation and authentication best practices

We created Splunk Assist because we found that ~55% of an admin's efforts are spent on platform management tasks (e.g., certification updates, version upgrades, app, and tech add-on updates, etc), which were considered “low-value” tasks. Admins could only allocate about 5% of their time to high-value tasks. Splunk Assist gives admins back more time so that they can get back to doing more of what they love.

Want to learn more? Check out this detailed blog and our release documentation to learn more and take steps to activate Splunk Assist.

— Kuntal Das, Product Manager for Splunk Assist

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